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About Just Barber

Why Just Barber?

Barbers love the Just Hair product BUT the image did not align with the barber community. We listened and acted - Just Barber is here!

 Call Just Barber - 01923 894360 

Who is Just Barber?

Just Barber is the insurance solution designed for Barbers from the team behind Just Hair Insurance.

Just Hair has a long history working with and alongside barbers including the founding directors of the British Barbers' Association (BBA).

Just Hair was the Insurance Partner of:

  • British Barbers' Association between: 2010 to 2016 inclusive

  • Hair & Barber Council between 2013 to October 2022 inclusive

Media contribution includes editorial for Modern Barber Magazine

Just Barber and Just Hair are trading styles of ACM Broking Limited; authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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